Friday, February 4, 2011



The name of this blog originates from a story.  I went to a party at the apartment of a friend of mine, I had brought booze in a backpack and I, in an inebriated state, left them at her house when I departed.  The next day I received a text message saying "I think I have your backpack at my place, I looked and it had vodka and equations in it."  Ultimately, it represented two of my passions in a single statement.  Vodka and equations.  That's how she knew it was me.  I study chemistry currently, and it causes me to admire both vodka, beautiful in its simplicity, and equations, beautiful in that they describe the world we live in.  She had, of course, discovered an empty bottle of vodka, and an equation sheet for one of my quantum chemistry midterms.  In the interest of full disclosure, I am currently enjoying the former of the pair.


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