Monday, March 12, 2012

One Thousand Views.

A picture of the aftermath of the Tunguska event, an explosion resulting from a meteorite or comet hitting Earth.  Source.

To you, my non-spambot, monocled followers, I offer sincere thanks.  My blog has reached over a thousand pageviews.

Though I am now gainfully employed, it would seem that my last [surprisingly busy] month of unemployment was certainly not fertile ground for blogging.  I have also hit a wall in which I have run out of things to talk about that:

1) I know enough about to write an informative blog post, and;

2) I think people would actually be interested in reading.

My blog, lacking of a clear vision and direction, will [hopefully] continue to inform on topics I find interesting (though will likely be less exhaustive), update on developments in previous blog topics, and present absurdly long, detailed arguments for opinions which I hold (now that you know how I feel about beards and Sens Army).  In lieu of an informative blog post, please accept the link in the caption of the above picture, because who wouldn't want to learn about an unexplained explosion?

Spam-bots, that's who.